Property Services

Maximize the Value of Your Property with Our Full Suite of Services

We offer an all-inclusive solution for property maintenance resulting in lower stress and higher value.


Increase tenant satisfaction with comprehensive cleaning services that keep your property in pristine condition.


There’s no need to find and vet a handyman for every job. Our skilled team can handle a range of minor construction projects.

Trash Valet

At Method Maintenance, our comprehensive trash valet services simplify the construction site clean-up process and elevate the tenant experience. We recycle construction and demolition (C & D) materials from construction sites, by picking them up and bringing them to one of NYCs accredited recycling facilities. Materials like asphalt, concrete, drywall, brick, glass, wood, metal, wire and cardboard are re-used locally as part of NYCs Waste Prevention Program participating in low embodied carbon construction.

Apartment Turnovers

Minimize the time between tenants and maximize the value of each unit with our expert and efficient turnover process.

Cosmetic Renovations

Make the most of your units and your budget with strategic, cost-effective upgrades performed by our in-house team.

Additional Services







Furniture Assembly

Hanging Shelves

Window Treatments

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